Frequently asked questions

What's the shelf life of the batter?

​BATTER MUST BE KEPT COLD IN FREEZER OR REFRIGERATOR Keep frozen until ready to cook. ​​ After thawing, batter will remain fresh up to FIVE (5) DAYS REFRIGRATED. ​​ Refreeze batter after use for up to NINETY (90) DAYS.

What's the best cooking method for pancakes and waffles?

To maximize the taste of your waffles and pancakes, please cook the batter on non-stick surfaces with no oil. Also, the batter will not bubble to indicate the best time to flip your jacks; therefore, you will need to check the corners of the pancakes’ coloring.


Flour, Milk, Eggs, Butter and Love!

Do we cater?

We have partnerships with local catering companies and private chefs.

Do you offering shipping?

Yes. Shipping cost may vary.

What are your batter flavors?

Traditional Whole Wheat Seasonal Flavors Sugar-Free Gluten-Free (may contain traces of wheat)