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Cooking flavorful pancakes or waffles from scratch can be a lot of fun. But do you have the time to commit to it after a long day at work, especially after discovering the fresh ingredients you bought have gone bad?


Sincerely Wilma handcrafts an assortment of sweet and savory pancake and waffle batters like grandma taught us. We provide households and businesses with a wholesome, premium handcrafted breakfast bread option with no preparation, no shopping, and no hassle.  


We specialize in distinctive flavorful frozen pancakes and waffle batters.  Our complete batters are manually produced using all fresh ingredients. We freeze our batters to preserve the freshness and richness, which are hand-delivered to our customers through a courier service. 

Sincerely Wilma’s mission is to present high-quality flavorful pancake and waffle batters to bring joy to families’ dining tables. We create space for tasty breakfast bread without adding copious toppings to enhance the flavor and bring integrity to an industry that people can be proud to share.

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WILMA'S PANCAKE AND WAFFLE BATTER was introduced to our owner, Tamara Cole, by her grandmother, Wilma M. Hodge.  


Wilma's passion was creating exquisite southern cuisine.  It was a true expression of her genuine love for her family and friends.  
Throughout Tamara’s childhood and early adulthood, she spent many hours shadowing her grandmother’s cooking techniques and recipes.


Sadly, in 2002 Wilma passed away.  Tamara continued to practice and master several recipes (for family and friends) as a way of paying homage to her grandmother, but Wilma's batter was the one recipe that Tamara could never keep up with the demand.
Years later...the demand remains the same.  The varieties of our batters are handcrafted with ten or less ALL natural ingredients.  No additives or preservatives.



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