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Sincerely Wilma's approach to providing frozen pancake and waffle batters is the perfect solution for those who enjoy the deliciousness of homemade breakfast treats but may not have the time or energy to prepare them from scratch. We are committed to preserving the tradition of Wilma's recipes while making them accessible to a wider audience.

By offering a variety of sweet and savory pancake and waffle batters, we give households and businesses a convenient option for enjoying a wholesome, premium breakfast without the need for extensive preparation or shopping for fresh ingredients. This is especially valuable for busy individuals and families who want a delicious meal without the hassle.

What sets Sincerely Wilma apart is their commitment to quality. We over emphasis the use of fresh ingredients and manual production of our complete batters ensures that the quality and flavor are maintained, even when frozen for preservation. The convenience of having these batters delivered directly to our customers is a time-saving and stress-free way to enjoy a homemade breakfast experience.

Sincerely Wilma's mission is clear: to bring joy to families' dining tables by offering high-quality, flavorful pancake and waffle batters. We aim to create a space for tasty breakfast options without relying on copious toppings to enhance the flavor. In doing so, we bring integrity to an industry that people can take pride in and share with their loved ones. It's our way to honor the legacy of Grandma Wilma and her love for creating exquisite southern cuisine.

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Wilma's Pancake and Waffle Batter is a special culinary legacy passed down through generations, rooted in the love and passion of its creator, Wilma M. Hodge. Wilma's dedication to crafting exquisite southern cuisine was not just about food; it was a heartfelt expression of her deep affection for her family and friends.

Tamara Cole, the current owner, was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the art of cooking from her grandmother, Wilma. From her childhood to early adulthood, Tamara spent countless hours absorbing the cooking techniques and recipes that had been perfected over the years by her grandmother.

In 2002, Wilma M. Hodge sadly passed away, leaving behind a treasure trove of culinary knowledge and beloved recipes. Tamara, determined to keep her grandmother's memory alive and honor her legacy, continued to cook and master many of Wilma's recipes. However, it was Wilma's pancake and waffle batter that stood out, as its demand among family and friends seemed insatiable.

Years have passed since then, and the demand for Wilma's Pancake and Waffle Batter remains as strong as ever. The commitment to preserving the authenticity of Wilma's recipes is reflected in the handcrafted nature of the batter. Each variety is carefully made with ten or fewer all-natural ingredients, and absolutely no additives or preservatives are used. This commitment to quality ensures that the essence of Wilma's love for food and family continues to shine through in every batch of batter, allowing people to savor a taste of tradition and nostalgia with every bite.




Kenneth Green's role as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Sincerely Wilma represents a significant asset to the company's modernization and growth efforts. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, he plays a pivotal role in technology integration; customer experience enhancement; adapting to market dynamics; innovation and continuous improvement; operational efficiency; strategic planning; and collaboration and communication.  With over 10 years of experience of consistently delivering substantial improvements in operational efficiency, profitability, and overall business performance.

His accomplishments include:

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

Achieving substantial cost reductions while simultaneously improving operational efficiency through innovative process improvements, technology integration, and resource optimization.


Strategic Planning

Collaborating closely with executive teams to develop and execute strategic plans that support revenue growth, market expansion, and long-term sustainability.

Supply Chain and Logistics Expertise

Implementing best practices in supply chain management and logistics to minimize lead times, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.

Cross-Functional Leadership: Building high-performance teams and fostering a collaborative environment that empowers businesses to excel in their roles and contribute to their overall success.


Risk Management

Establishing robust risk management protocols to ensure business continuity, mitigate potential disruptions, and safeguard the interests of the organization.


Vendor and Supplier Management

Contract negotiation, managing vendor relationships, and optimizing supplier partnerships to achieve cost savings and product excellence.

Scalability: Demonstrating the ability to scale operations to accommodate increased demand and production capacity while maintaining quality standards.

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